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Our SPA menu:

Sports or Spanish body massage for 1 hour. Depending on your condition and mood, you can choose from massages: sports massage relieves muscle tension and pain after exercise. It is used to increase the efficiency of the body, energizing the body and prepares for the upcoming training. Spanish massage excellently relieves stress and tension causes the body to tone and energizes. It eliminates stagnation in the body, increases blood circulation due to soft deep study of muscles, causing them comes complete relaxation.

Relaxing head massage or acupressure feet to choose from.

Herbal detox tea.

The healing effects of hot steam has long been known. And a Finnish sauna, and Russian banya in Almaty are popular among fans of a healthy and proper rest. We invite everyone to recharge your energy, improve your health and boost immunity in the Lotus SPA. Our luxury massage parlor offers assess the benefits of reducing complex and treatment programs, visit the comfortable steam bath, plunge into the water SPA swimming pools and baths.

On the advantages of hot steam

The main advantage that can give and bath, and a sauna in Almaty is the positive effect of hot temperatures on the human body. The steam activates metabolism, stimulation of the immune system, increasing circulation and effective removal of toxins. Turkish bath - a great way to lose weight and to give strength to muscles and skin - the cleanliness and health.

With the help of hot steam for centuries not only cured diseases, but also to strengthen the body. Moreover, the health benefits of visiting the baths affects both the physical health and the morale of the person. Going to the sauna (alone or in good company) - a great way to calm your nerves, relieve stress, improve mood and rid of problems.

Bath and sauna in Almaty: Lotus SPA

The main difference is the bath and sauna in the moisture and temperature of hot air. Russian bath implies the presence of hot steam and a traditional broom. In the sauna the air is dry and hot, but not least, the healing and relaxing.

Despite the fact that the air temperature in the bath below, high humidity helps to ensure complete cleansing procedures and sparing effect on the organism. If we talk about the sauna, the dry air through it more easily transferred to the high-temperature exposure.

People with diseases of the upper respiratory tract experts do not recommend use of the sauna, opting for baths. And if there are problems in the cardiovascular system, on the contrary, should choose to visit less and less stuffy wet saunas.

Deep warming can significantly enhance the activity of the metabolic processes and accelerate blood circulation. And in combination with increased sweating it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, the general improvement and rejuvenation. Salon Lotus SPA offers the benefit and comfort to spend time in the steam room, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body and soul.

Constant attribute of Russian banya - a broom - it is not only a tribute to tradition, but also the opportunity to realize a natural massage, as well as improve the skin with nutrients available in oak leaves. After a visit to the steam room Salon Lotus SPA offers cool sweaty skin in a convenient pool or relaxing SPA-bath. Water treatments, the use of aromatherapy and massage consolidate curative effect of hot air. Our room in Almaty - is not just a visit to the steam room. This - complex work of various specialists for your health.

After a visit to the sauna or bath, you can use the services of a professional masseur, qualified cosmetician balneological SPA-procedures.

Bath and sauna in Almaty: everything for your health

Our sauna in Almaty - is not just a traditional visit to the steam room. This is - the ability to have a good time with his half, or in friendly company. Not the first year of offering residents the opportunity to relax in Almaty, the Finnish sauna or Russian bath, specialists of our salon developed a number of integrated programs for health and comfort.

We offer the services of professional masseurs, who with the help of aromatic oils and special cosmetics on a heated marble table relieve muscles from fatigue, skin - from accumulated toxins, and thought - from stress. Cosmetologists help comprehensively clean the skin and nourish it useful and necessary for health. And herbal teas can help make up for the loss of body fluids and fill it with health, vitality, strength and activity.

Come to our sauna or bath in Almaty, and you are sure to become a regular visitor to our steam room.